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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision
The vision of NSAI is to create “A dynamic, innovative, internationally competitive, research based industry producing high performance, high quality seeds and planting materials which benefit farmers and significantly contribute to the sustainable growth of Indian Agriculture”. The Association is also working towards the responsible use of biotechnology for modernizing Indian agriculture and enhancing the livelihood of Indian farmers. Increasing the general awareness about crop biotechnology amongst the many stakeholders, technology upgradation and engaging in a continuous dialogue with regulators for the establishment of a transparent, fair and equitable regulatory system, are some of the other activities of NSAI.

Our Mission
The mission of NSAI is to encourage investment in the state of the art R & D to bring to the Indian farmer superior genetics and technologies, which are high performance and adopted to a wide range of agro-climatic zones. It actively contributes to seed industry policy development, with the concerned government, to ensure that the policies and regulation create an enabling environment, including public acceptance, so that the industry is globally competitive.