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What we do

  • Scientific Seminars & Interactive Meetings across the globe
  • Communication & Knowledge Dissemination through Seed Magazine, News mailers, Seed Handbook and other publications
  • Policy Advocacy by engaging with Government and scientific entities in enabling the favorable policy environment and furthering the stakeholder’s interest
    • Brain Storming Sessions/ Roundtables/ Conferences & Seminars
  • Works towards globalizing the seed industry, harmonization of regulatory environment, promoting export of seed and investment in seed industry
  • Promoting international collaborations with stakeholders and industries
  • Knowledge and skill enhancement of Human resources through:
    • Capacity building & training
    • Internship
    • Exposure to the industry visits & on job training
    • Training & Capacity building of agri-entrepreneurship
    • Training & Capacity building of Government Officials
    • Study Tours
  • Collaborative trainings with various institutes, organizations & universities